Business Advisory Group

Corporate website for not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses overcome obstacles and achieve business goals in Oakville, Hamilton and Halton.

Roman Design is ready for new Canada Drone Regulation (RPAS VLOS Pilot Certificate)

We have obtained a Pilot Certificate for a Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) and completed drone registration with Transport Canada to be able to operate in accordance with the new Canadian drone regulations that starting June 1st, 2019.

This will allow us to continue to produce better videos for our clients, to showcase businesses, industrial, commercial and residential real estate properties, document corporate events, create more engaging corporate videos, and provide the best value for our clients on a tight budgets.

Progress Report – a Sci-Fi technothriller

Roman Design is publishing an interactive Sci-Fi technothriller, exploring the moral and technological challenges of our society in the near future. The novel offers lots of action, adventure and humour while posing challenging questions and exploring nature of morality, value of human life, civilisational conflicts and other profound isues. We are publishing it online as it develops – read it FREE and share your opinions. You can subscribe to live updates when new chapters are published.

Precious Stone Designs website is live

This latest Roman Design project is a robust WordPress website for residential, commercial and industrial renovation business. Mobile-friendly responsive design for a modern business at its best.

Progress Report

A dashing website for a book: an interactive Sci-Fi Technothriller. Customized WordPress design provides a robust online publishing platform with social media, comment system and mailing list.

Marine Gate Service

Corporate website for marine repair company. WordPress CMS, mobile-friendly design, easy maintenance and fast turnaround time – everything that a modern corporation needs.