NoVA Surveys Inc. website is now live

NoVA Surveys Inc. website is using RD-CMS v6 and has a custom quote processing module that allows on-line quote request with user registration, issuing quotes, accepting and payment via PayPal. It’s just another example of how RD-CMS can be adapted to specific business needs.

Responsive Web Design in Toronto and Canada vs. the world

I’ve completed RD-CMS code review in order to evaluate if it can accomodate Responsive Web Design principles. I found out that yes, it can be adapted to use Responsive Web Design. The question is if it should. If any of Roman Design clients in Toronto or Canada request this feature – it’s definitely feasible without a major CMS engine rewrite. However it introduces other problems of the design nature. I might write a post on that later.

The advantage of introducing responsive web design framework into RD-CMS is that it’s the future of web and Canada so far is trailing in its acceptance. So, if RD-CMS supports it soon, then it will be among very few truly Canadian solutions that do.

RD-CMS tab support

RD-CMS now has virtual tab support: any page can have multiple pages accessible by clicking on page sub-menu. Essentially it duplicates behavior of tabbed pages without outdated physical tab appearance, giving administrator the opportunity to present multiple content sections without page reloads and complicating site structure.

Open Text RedDot CMS

Roman Design is now developing websites in Open Text RedDot a high-end corporate Content Management System. This powerful CMS is famous for its scalability and flexibility: advanced low-level programming can deliver tailor-made user-manageable corporate websites.

New RD-CMS feature: RSS Feed

RD-CMS v5 features an automatic RSS-feed generator, which automatically creates a fully valid RSS feed for your website, including news, blog or both into the feed. This feed can be used to notify your clients of important updates, and can also be used in organic SEO campaigns to spread the word about your product or website. You can choose to trigger or ignore RSS feed updates when editing blog items.

RD-CMS v5 gets many new features

Roman Design CMS (RD-CMS) version 5 has been released. It has many features and this website is already updated and is running on a new version. New features include, blog, advanced file manager, RSS scraper, RSS feed generator, optional horizontal navigation menu, SEO friendly hierarchical URLs and much more.

Roman Design CMS Blog module is online!

Roman Design Content Management System now has a Blog module, which allows to add Blogs to RD-CMS based website without resorting to 3rd party programs. Blog and News modules aggregate their contents into an RSS feed, that can be automatically posted to 33 social sites simultaneously, which makes it a very powerful organic SEO tool.

Roman Design Blog will cover RD-CMS developments and other day-to-day news and events that are more suitable for a blog than official news page.