Luxe Auto video commercial is online

Luxe Auto video commercial is now online. Shot on location in 4K. Videography, editing and post production by Roman Design for Team SLE Advertising.

[art_yt id=”0pyn9ft64IU” wvideo=”560″ hvideo=”315″ position=”center” urlvideo=”” namevideo=”Luxe Auto video commercial – Toronto, Oakville, Ontario production” desc=”Luxe Auto video commercial – shot on location in 4K. Videography, editing and post production by Roman Design.” durationmin=”0″ durationsec=”41″ upld=”2016-02-22″ tmburl=”” thumbnailwidth=”480″ thumbnailheight=”360″]

New online promo video is up at YouTube

New online promo video produced for Team SLE Advertizing is up at YouTube. Green screen key footage is shot at Roman Design studio at 4K UHD, footage color corrected and post-processed, audio mixed and master video is rendered at Roman Design studio. Videography, editing and post by Roman Design. Directed and produced by Team SLE Advertising.

[art_yt id=”gysTJP2If4I” wvideo=”560″ hvideo=”315″ position=”center” urlvideo=”” namevideo=”Roman Design Toronto Web Design Studio – Oakville, Ontario, Canada” desc=”Toronto Web Design and Development studio, providing Web Design, WordPress Development, Video Production and Graphic Design services. Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada” durationmin=”0″ durationsec=”28″ upld=”2016-09-26″ tmburl=”” thumbnailwidth=”480″ thumbnailheight=”360″]