Toronto after Google updates

It looks like Toronto is still confused by latest Google updates – Panda and Penguin. Some sites are hit hard, others have not suffered. Everybody is giving out advice about how to avoid penalties for the affected websites, bit I have a suspicion nobody really knows what’s happening. Most advice are just common sense, but have little relevance to the updates and tend not to improve the situation.

In any case, it’s only prudent to be reasonable and stick to white-hat tactics only.

Toronto Web Design and Google ranking – moral SEO dilemma

As you might know, Roman Design ranks #1 at “Toronto corporate web design” query. However the most desired search term is obviously “Toronto web design” and at this term there are dozens and hundreds of black-hat SEO driven websites that spend tens of thousands to buy links and seed link farms to get their ranking.

That does pose a tricky moral dilemma: use dark side of the force and get more business or maintain moral high ground and only use white-hat SEO tactics and good code practices? I decided that Roman Design will never use black-hat tactics and never spoof organic search results. I hope that honesty will pay off in loyal clients and far less risk of Google ranking problems.

RD-CMS v5 gets many new features

Roman Design CMS (RD-CMS) version 5 has been released. It has many features and this website is already updated and is running on a new version. New features include, blog, advanced file manager, RSS scraper, RSS feed generator, optional horizontal navigation menu, SEO friendly hierarchical URLs and much more.