emergeIT ShipTime web application is live

New project for emergeIT is completed – front end interface development for a complicated web application is now online. A long and challenging project for a company that saves businesses money on shipping is complete. full redesign is now live!

We are proud to announce a new redesigned Roman Design website launch! New design together with RD-CMS Content Management System version 7 introduces many changes both visual and under the hood:

  • A new and exciting design
  • Transitioning to HTML5 and CSS3 code base
  • Fully working Responsive Web Design code – adapting to any device and screen size on the fly
  • Moving away from Flash and to the HTML5 video standards (MP4, OGG Theora) to anticipate a Flash platform rapidly becoming obsolete.
  • All animation is now done in HTML5 for browsers that support it
  • New font engine
  • More efficient database operation
  • Client testimonials page and random testimonials on most website pages
  • Many added features and improvements and RD-CMS now support Responsive Web Design is one of the first Toronto based web-design studio websites to implement Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Design concepts. Last update of RD-CMS Content Management System now filly supports both concepts. 

Responsive Web Design is a concept that allows a website to use CSS3 to scale down for optimum usability on any device, such as desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook, iphone, ipad and other smartphones and tablets, instead of serving a separate mobile website version that can’t be tailor-maid for every device and therefore will not look optimal on most devices. Depending on the screen width images resize, font sizes change, content elements appear and disappear, navigation hides and changes appearance etc.

Unlike most Responsive web design websites, RD-CMS retains full Flash compatibility. Flash is only rendered for devices with displays more than 800 pixels wide, while for lesser screens static images are rendered. Both Flash and static header images scale down with screen width, and layout scales back accordingly. With smaller screens less important design elements start to gradually disappear and font sizes increase until you see a slimmed-down version intended for smartphone use with vertical screen orientation, and unique phone-oriented functionality appears – such as “call” button allowing to call Roman Design directly, VCard download etc.

The new Responsive Web Design features can be explored by resizing browser window and making it gradually narrower. Please note that in order to see static image intended for smaller screens page would have to be refreshed while it’s less than 800 pixels wide.

New Online Free Quote Questionnaire is live

RD-CMS 6.5 brings some cosmetic changes and new Quote system, including new Free Quote Questionnaire that allows clients to create project specifications online. Potential clients can select desired services and fill in detailed specifications in the fluid and dynamic form that adjust to required services.

RD-CMS v6 gets improved e-commerce engine

Pro Skaters Placeis a high-end rollerblade web store based on latest version of Roman Design RD-CMS Content Management System with improved e-commerce engine with full order management and custom-tailored for US and Canadian sales, including custom taxes and shipping logic.

Design is tailored for the younger extreme sport fans as a target audience. PayPal and other payment systems are fully supported.

RD-CMS v6 gets many new and updated features to further advance this powerful Content Management System.

RD-CMS Content Management System v5 release

Roman Design has released version 5.0 of its unique Content Management System (RD-CMS). Version 5 has many new and improved features:

  • Hierarchical SEO-friendly URL structure.
  • New blog engine.
  • SEO-friendly news and blog URLs.
  • Unique editable meta tag values for news and blog engines (in addition to existing functionality for all pages).
  • Improved Google Sitemap generator, including all news and blog items.
  • Available dynamic top menu navigation system in addition to left menu navigation.
  • Integrated RSS feed and RSS feed generator that automatically updates feed on news and blog updates.
  • RSS scraper module to automatically create and update pages based on any RSS feed.
  • AJAX file upload and user file library engine.
  • Numerous other updates and improvements.

Roman Design gets a facelift – RD-CMS 4.5

Roman Design Content Management System for corporate and small business websites reaches version 4.5 gets a facelift and is now running on RD-CMS 4.5 with improved usability and aesthetics. 

  • H1 and H2 headers are now rendered in Flash in real time, resulting in beautiful font impossible in plain HTML
  • Navigation menu is much more visually pleasing and interactive, reacting to rollovers and changing colours, while still using plain text links and dynamically generated.

Roman Design Content Management System gets full E-Commerce functionality

RD-CMS has reached version 3. Among many new content management features full E-Commerce functionality has been added, allowing for product catalogs and fully functional Online Stores. RD-CMS based store benefits from open ended architecture, allowing for example full freedom of editing and formatting any product page, unlike other systems that have rigid formatting. You can place a photo album or slideshow or any number of images, or Flash media on your product page, which is a free-flowing page just like any other.

Industry standard 128-bit SSL secure protocol is supported.

User management has been upgraded to allow user registration, password reminders, email notifications and other E-Commerce related user functionality.