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RomanDesign.cahas achieved 1st place in Google search results for several premium corporate web design search queries and key phrases. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), broad client base, smart content authoring and management and inherently SEO-friendly code of Roman Design CMS have contributed to this news-worthy result. Google ranking naturally fluctuates over time, and Roman Design ranking have been very good, notably so since the move to RD-CMS.

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Many more quieries return results that are on the 1st page of Google and other search engines.

Online video production

Roman Design online video service is proving to be an attractive and effective feature on any corporate and small business website. New promotional video is produced for Team SLE Advertising, using advanced green-screen digital compositing, and streaming Flash technology. The video is available at Video Portfolio page. website launch website  is now live. This proudly Canadian website uses some of the Web 2.0 – style techniques, such as in-line image zoom and others. The design concept is very visual and appealing, with bright and sporty colours and a distinctly Canadian palette. Rich graphics were created to project the desired image, while website still retains enough text to be readable and indexable by search engines.

“At Tirox, we are producing some of the best world class products. From our Ultra Chain ube, our 360º Chain Brush and Cleaner to our new Ultra Motorcycle Cleaner, we know your bike is going to love us. Trust Tirox, The Powersports Experts!

RD-CMS site is live at

Roman Design is proud to announce a website launch for RD-CMS – Roman Design Content Management System. The website allows to glance at the features and functionality of this powerful, design-oriented and user-friendly CMS, learn about its advantages and see a detailed graphical overview of its administration interface.

Most importantly, you can login as a guest administrator and experience a full administration interface with all its features first hand. You can play freely with the editors and appreciate the ease of use of RD-CMS: no changes will be saved to the database in the “guest administrator” mode.

RD-CMS allows you to edit all contents of your website right in your browser with user-friendly interface, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, inline context help and other advanced features. RD-CMS combines extreme ease of use with powerful functionality, allows to easily integrate Flash, video and other rich media, and offers built-in advanced image and media presentation tools. RD-CMS is here – finally there is a CMS that allows for uncompromising design and is very easy to manage.

Please visit to see the website. corporate website goes live!

New redesigned Ramar Contractors Inc. website is powered by RD-CMS Content Management System. Ease of use for both users and administrators was a major factor in this website design. Ramar Contractors Inc. provides building and property management services since 1978.

Toronto 2008 Budget website goes live!

Mayor David Miller and Budget Committee Chair Shelley Carroll introduce the 2008 Recommended Operating Budget and the new Toronto 2008 Budget website.

The website showcases new Toronto 2008 budget and represents the budget facts and numbers in a graphical and user-friendly fashion. Check out “Your money in action” city view and animated budget graphs. corporate website goes live!

After a major redesign, the all-new, RD-CMS Content Management System based Bel Air Lumber corporate website goes live. The challenging goal of fresh look and modern, unconventional design coupled with user-friendly and powerful Content Management System was met by the new advanced Roman Design Content Management System. Based on RD-CMS, this advanced website uses online video, “live host” video, interactive virtual tours and other atate-of-the-art web technologies.

Bel Air Lumber is a full service manufacturer and distributor of quality dimensional lumber products.