and RD-CMS now support Responsive Web Design is one of the first Toronto based web-design studio websites to implement Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Design concepts. Last update of RD-CMS Content Management System now filly supports both concepts. 

Responsive Web Design is a concept that allows a website to use CSS3 to scale down for optimum usability on any device, such as desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook, iphone, ipad and other smartphones and tablets, instead of serving a separate mobile website version that can’t be tailor-maid for every device and therefore will not look optimal on most devices. Depending on the screen width images resize, font sizes change, content elements appear and disappear, navigation hides and changes appearance etc.

Unlike most Responsive web design websites, RD-CMS retains full Flash compatibility. Flash is only rendered for devices with displays more than 800 pixels wide, while for lesser screens static images are rendered. Both Flash and static header images scale down with screen width, and layout scales back accordingly. With smaller screens less important design elements start to gradually disappear and font sizes increase until you see a slimmed-down version intended for smartphone use with vertical screen orientation, and unique phone-oriented functionality appears – such as “call” button allowing to call Roman Design directly, VCard download etc.

The new Responsive Web Design features can be explored by resizing browser window and making it gradually narrower. Please note that in order to see static image intended for smaller screens page would have to be refreshed while it’s less than 800 pixels wide.