Responsive Web Design integration

Responsive Web Design is a new and hot trend in web design. No more separate websites that (inadequately) cover mobile devices. Single layout modifies itself for all devices. I’m vonsidering implementing it into next version or Roman Design CMS, however I see several problems with that.

Some of Roman Design clients are small businesses with not much content on the website. Most Responsive Web Design sites are see use very minimalistic design to insure that elements still look good when reshuffled. However if there is not much contents and you also strip design to bare minimum, the website will look bland and unappealing.

Also, I had great concerns about Flash compatibility with responsive web design. Info on the web is very sparse, but I suspect the sites that are created with responsive web design in mind will have to use no Flash at all. And I’m fond of flash-based headers, they make website look lively while still fully gracefully degradable. I actually solved Flash issues and now responsive web design works with Flash, but Flash is dying anyway, so I advise using HTML5 animation instead. It also works better with responsive web design concept.

Nevertheless this trend is definitely here to stay, so I will try and think hard about how it can be integrated into typical Roman Design visually rich web design concept.