It looks like Toronto is still confused by latest Google updates – Panda and Penguin. Some sites are hit hard, others have not suffered. Everybody is giving out advice about how to avoid penalties for the affected websites, bit I have a suspicion nobody really knows what’s happening. Most advice are just common sense, but […]

As you might know, Roman Design ranks #1 at “Toronto corporate web design” query. However the most desired search term is obviously “Toronto web design” and at this term there are dozens and hundreds of black-hat SEO driven websites that spend tens of thousands to buy links and seed link farms to get their ranking. […]

Giant Tiger store opening photoshoot on location was fun – I sat Giant Tiger mascot at a giant camping chair they sold there (who would need such a thing?) and made some good shots, which I delivered electronically the same day.

NoVA Surveys Inc. website is using RD-CMS v6 and has a custom quote processing module that allows on-line quote request with user registration, issuing quotes, accepting and payment via PayPal. It’s just another example of how RD-CMS can be adapted to specific business needs.

I’ve completed RD-CMS code review in order to evaluate if it can accomodate Responsive Web Design principles. I found out that yes, it can be adapted to use Responsive Web Design. The question is if it should. If any of Roman Design clients in Toronto or Canada request this feature – it’s definitely feasible without […] e-commerce website is now live. is using latest generation of RD-CMS with improved and Canada oriented e-commerce engine, wich custom shipping and pricing logic and multi-currency support.