Sometimes you should look at yourself ironically. The funniest thing is that I’m both of those guys… Web designers vs web developers gets a full redesign, and our RD-CMS Content Management System is now updated to version 7. RD-CMS v7 includes numerous improvements in SEO and presentation areas.

Another video is updated to a YouTube version: this time it’s a Dynamise Botanicals video.

Another video is updated to a YouTube version. We will be following how replacing videos from local hosting to YouTube affects SEO performance.

We’re replacing Roman Design videos in portfolio from a locally hosted and served with HTML5 code to a YouTube-hosted videos. This video produced for Bel Air Lumber is the first one to be replaced.

Responsive Web Design is a new and hot trend in web design. No more separate websites that (inadequately) cover mobile devices. Single layout modifies itself for all devices. I’m vonsidering implementing it into next version or Roman Design CMS, however I see several problems with that. Some of Roman Design clients are small businesses with […]

We have been working with Roman Design since 2004 and to date, we are still very happy with the professional web design services they have been providing to us. There are a lot of web design companies out there but one thing we can count on when working with Roman Design is reliability, dependability, professionalism, experience and overall customer satisfaction. We highly recommend Roman Design.

Francis Jr. Idemudia
Team SLE Advertising