Comic Sans font has gained notoriety as the most hated font ever. It’s so dreadful and misused that there are many websites dedicated to banning and hating this font. No self-respecting web designer should ever use this font. It even appears in Weird Al Yankovic video “Tacky” (see around 1:15 minute mark):

On April 21, 2015 Google has introduced a new update of its mobile ranking algorithm that made mobile-friendly usability factors of your website much more important. Making your website mobile-friendly does not just makes it easier for your visitors on iPhones and Android devices, but mobile-friendly websites rank higher while others can be dropped in mobile […]

The new website of our long time client Team SLE Advertising is up. The new and completely redesigned website is running on WordPress and a responsive Boostrap framework and has a cool background video demo reel running on the homepage that Roman Design has created to showcase client’s works.

Best wishes to you and yours, and may the coming year bring you peace and happiness, and many new and exciting website designs!

New and completely redesigned website is live! WordPress CMS engine, fully custom responsive design, Bootstrap framework, jQuery, Google fonts, numerous plugins and a lot of the custom code were used in the production of a new website. Caching and minifying techniques were used to speed up the website which achieved a score of […]

It’s almost not funny because it’s true. The web is supposed to be this beautiful and lean, clean and standards-compliant creation and instead it’s often a mess of crutches and band-aids just to make sure everyone can see the website in browsers with broken or unsupported standards implementations.

We have always had a positive experience working with Roman Design whether on one of our own websites of projects for clients!

Bruce Parlette
Tantara Multimedia